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Cold Asphalt

Discover the innovative cold asphalt from Aglomerados GB, a revolutionary solution in the field of road maintenance. Composed of an optimal mixture of mineral aggregates and bituminous binder, this product is specially designed to respond to the most demanding road repair and maintenance needs.

Aglomerados GB cold asphalt is the ideal solution for a wide variety of road maintenance needs. With its ease of use, effectiveness, and respect for the environment, this product represents a significant innovation in the road construction and repair sector.

Featured Characteristics of Cold Asphalt


Each container of our cold asphalt agglomerate is prepared and packaged with the greatest care, ensuring that our customers receive a ready-to-use product of the highest quality. At Aglomerados GB, we are committed to offering innovative solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Pothole Repair:

Ideal for repairing potholes on streets, driveways, avenues and more.

Other apps:

Also used in local roads, marking areas, signaling and contouring of sewers and manholes.

Road Patching:

Ideal for the maintenance and repair of driveways, garages and parking lots.