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Safety / Transport

Fire fighting measures:

• Extinguishing: Any suitable for the type of fire
• Extinguishing risk: None

Measures in case of accidental spillage:

• Personal precautions: None
• Enviroment precautions: Prevent spillage
• Cleaning methods: Collect covering with sand and take it as debris to a dump.

Handling and Storage:

• Handling: Careful to avoid spilling
• Storage: No compatibility problem of packaging materials

Toxicological information:

• Inhalation:None reported
• Ingestion:None reported
• Contact with skin:Can irritate
• Contacto con los ojos: Can irritate
• Sensitization: None reported
• Carcinogenicity: None reported
• Mutagenicity: None reported
• Reproductive toxicity: None reported

Ecological information:

• Product not dangerous for the environment

Raw materials and features:

• Bituminous emulsion ECM-1.
• Aggregate maximum size 8mm

Exposure controls - personal protection

• Respiratory protection: None
• Hand and skin protection: None
• Eye protection: None


• Inflammation by heating to temperatures above 300º C

First aid

• Exposure: Eye contact
• Symptoms: Itching, irritation
• Instructions: Clean with water, do not rub your eyes, consult a doctor

Physical and chemical properties

• Aspect: Blackish brown
• Odor: Asphalt
• PH: 4
• Boiling point: Not applicable
• Melting point: Not applicable
• Ignition temperature: Higher than 300º C
• Autoignition temperature: Not applicable
• Explosive risk: Not applicable
• Steam risk (20º C): Not applicable
• Density (20º C): 1000 Kg/m3
• Water solubility (20º C): Insoluble
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