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Quality control

On request by the manager of the company Aglomerados GB and for the work "Production control of a cold asphalt mix" asked the Testing Laboratory of the College of Technical Surveyors of Alicante conducting a series of tests on a sample of 25kg packed, to define its classification as cold as Bituminos Mix Art 541 of the General Technical Specification for works Prescripiciones Roads and Bridges.

The quality rate, measured by the assay of Los Angeles, according to standard NLT-149⁄72, is seventeen so fulfilled as stated in Article 541 of the
PG-3 refers to be less than thirty layers of base and 25 in rolling or intermediate layers.

The content of bituminous binder on aggregate is 5.25% so we would be within the allowable values for dense mixtures.

For proper maintenance of the product is recommended storage temperature conditions above 5°C.

The length of the product in sealed cubes is 4 to 8 months.

After opening the package is advisable to use up the product. If there is excess material, introduce back into the container for a future use, provided that the drum is kept closed.

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